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Supply List 

Kindergarten Supplies

2017-2018 Chapel Hill Elementary


1         blunt-tip scissors (Fiskar scissors work the best for cutting)    

4        pencils (Ticonderoga/Laddie pencils work the best for handwriting)              

10       glue sticks    

2        12 count packs of crayons (Crayola Crayons work best for coloring)

1         pack of washable markers (Crayola Markers work best for coloring)

3       pronged-two pocket folders (red, yellow, & blue)

1         1 inch white notebooks with clear plastic on front

1         clear zippered pencil pouch                      

2        pack of index cards for sight word ring cards

1         primary Writing Tablet (story writing type – space

       at top for drawing and bottom for writing)

2 packs of dry erase markers expo brand

a Mead 09554 K-2 Classroom Primary Journal

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Watch Back to School sales beginning in July for great savings! A small list of supplies will be sent home in January for the second semester of school. Please do not label each individual item because we share school tools at work tables.



Kindergarten Wish List

Paper towels                              page protectors                         AA batteries

Band-Aids                        sandwich, quart, gallon bags              

Hand Sanitizer                paper towels

Clorox Wipes                   coffee filters

1 Box of Kleenex             


We look forward to a great year in Kindergarten!