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Road Runners

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Chapel Hill Road Runners Club 2017-2018

Practice dates: Sept. 18,25 Oct. 3,16,23,30 Nov. 6

March 19,26 April 9,16,23,30.

Time: 2:45-3:20


Parents: Here is the D.C. Rogue Runner link

Thursday night runs with the family or just with other kids in the community!

This is an after school running club for 1st-5th graders that meets on Mondays from 2:45-3:20.The fall season starts Sept.18th and ends Nov. 6th. Practices last 35 minutes which on average is a good time for  a kids 5k (3.1 miles) race finish. Most students, due to the heat, run 2 miles or less during a 35 minute practice. 


Coaches will hold practices but parents attend races with their child. Coaches are volunteers and have other obligations on weekends with their own children. Races are an additional cost and range from $10.00-$25.00. (Total cost average for the year $100.00) 

Parents are reponsible for turning in proof of race(s) after races have been completed.  Emails are acceptable.


Students who have 2 office referrals or academic problems will be dismissed or placed on probation.       If your child misses 3 practices that are unexcused or has 2 late pick-ups from practice will also be dismissed from the team. Students that are picked up late will be sent to ASP and you will be charged the daily after school fee. Pick up is on the playground side of the gym at 3:20. Late is after 3:30 and you will need to go to the main office to check your child out of ASP.


All race info/forms can be found on the CHES website under PE, then click on RoadRunner/forms. We update race forms as we receive them. Any race found on will also be counted. Students must run in 4 races of their choice. 2 races must be completed by Nov. 30th to remain on the team before we restart in March.

All race forms must be mailed directly to the school or host. Do not bring race forms to the coaches.


If you have any questions please feel free to call Ms. Spence or Mrs. Brock at 770 651-3621.


Thanks for your support! The printable copy of the RoadRunner registration/pledge page can be found under the roadrunner forms icon at the top of this page.


To receive text message updates about upcoming races, practice cancellations etc... text @